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Informed Client


Shield Engage facilitates new client application and underwriting between businesses and financial service providers in a simple, streamlined, and secure customer experience.

The Shield Data Hub powers compliance processes by evaluating business transactional data with regulatory information, seed-to-sale tracking, and client accounting records.

Multiple entity and product selection of financial services from a single centralized application.

Product Selection

Dynamic charting visualizations to communicate entity structure, related parties and owners.

Entity Visualizer

Authenticates the operating status of entities against local and state governing authorities.

Entity Authentication

Upload, review, and manage business docs, client agreements, and licensing documentation.

Document Collection

Review and verify entity data, documents, and regulatory records for approval.

Application Review

Generate application packages of all data, docs, and decisions in specified stacking orders.

Package Generation

Centralized application experience for onboarding new business accounts.


Understand Entity Ownership

Shield Engage exposes the complexity of underlying beneficial ownership common to cannabis businesses to document and validate each owning party.


Dynamic visualization of entity relationships


Data verification and validation of owning parties


Data collection threshold for owning parties


Non-owning person roles and responsibilities

Centralized Application Service

Shield Engage streamlines the process of applying for financial services by consolidating entity data and document requests in a single application experience.


Increase product application conversions


Increase product application conversions


Client provided information validated by Shield Data Hub


Holistic applicant picture to make informed decisions

Close Financial Applications Faster

Shield Engage works in parallel with your existing onboarding process, with helpful tools to streamline conversion timelines from start to finish.


Shared editing to speed up application completion


Reduce communication overhead during review


Keeps customers up-to-date of application status


One-click doc consolidation to your stacking order

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