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Highly regulated industries like cannabis are complex, but serving these customers doesn’t need to be. At Shield Compliance, we develop cannabis banking compliance solutions for financial service providers and high-risk customers to work together and thrive.

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We started Shield Compliance with an idea to provide modern solutions for financial service providers such as banks and credit unions to provide services to those in the community who need them most.

One of today’s most compelling opportunities is cannabis banking. The newly emerging cannabis industry brings entrepreneurial energy from the clients and the pioneering bankers who have worked tirelessly to solve the legal cannabis industry’s unique challenges.

The ability to unlock, analyze, and validate data is paramount when dealing with high-risk clients. In a complex regulatory environment, serving this industry requires trust in technology to enable institutions to manage sensitive data, mitigate risk, and improve compliance outcomes to enable scale and operational efficiency.


Our founder's experience in client-side operations and network logistics laid the groundwork for understanding the needs of banking emerging high-risk markets like cannabis, cryptocurrency, and others. 

Our solution begins with a purpose-built AML/BSA compliance platform. Shield Assure manages compliance with access to public and private data, automated alerts and reporting. Shield Engage facilities new client applications and underwriting between high-risk clients and financial institutions in an easy to use, secure, and customer friendly experience.


Shield Compliance has it covered. 

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