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A chief concern we hear from banks and credit unions is that cannabis banking is much more intrusive than what a typical business banking relationship requires. They’re also uncertain about how they can manage compliance without sacrificing customer service. More

APRIL 2022

As more states implement legal cannabis programs and the federal government continues to introduce legislation related to cannabis banking and legalization, a growing number of financial institutions are taking steps to better understand this line of business. More


Over the past year, state legislators enacted over 50 laws liberalizing marijuana policies in more than 25 states. This includes the passage of new laws in Connecticut, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Virginia legalizing adult-use cannabis possession and regulating retail cannabis markets. More


Bankers across the country who are considering launching cannabis banking programs want to know if they will still need to implement and maintain specialized compliance programs if the federal government legalizes marijuana, or at a minimum, recognizes state legalization programs. More

JUNE 2021

There’s a lot of ground to cover in a cannabis banking regulatory exam, so teaming up with an audit specialist can help financial institutions be prepared and avoid “blind spots.” More


While most bankers initially entered the cannabis market to generate new sources of low-cost deposits and non-interest fee income, many have since discovered that the compliance and due diligence processes implemented on the deposit side can be leveraged to mitigate credit risk. More


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