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Cannabis Banking: Fine-Tuning Your Risk Assessment

In this webinar from Western Bankers Association (WBA), Tony Repanich Shield Compliance discusses how banks can assess and manage cannabis banking risk.

Today, some form of medical or recreational marijuana is legal in 35 states, and the U.S. legal market is projected to be worth upward of $33 billion by 2025. As the pandemic continues to put pressure on bank earnings, cannabis businesses can be a valuable source of non-interest income in the current environment – and low-cost deposits when the economy rebounds.

This webinar, led by Tony Repanich, Chief Operating Officer of Shield Compliance, will focus on how banks can assess and manage cannabis banking risk. Tony will be joined by cannabis banking experts Deirdra O’Gorman, CEO of DX Consulting, Dante Tosetti, Special Adviser for West Coast AML Services, and Ruth Razook, founder of RLR Management Consulting.

While a few pioneering bankers have embraced the fast-growing cannabis industry, now is the time for Western bankers to deepen their knowledge of this opportunity, grow their portfolios, and gain an early mover advantage on new relationships.

Originally published at Western Bankers Association.


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