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The Q1 Cannabis Bankers' Quarterly: A Webinar Hosted by the ACBA and Shield Compliance

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Momentum around cannabis legalization is not only reshaping legal frameworks but is also fostering a more informed and open conversation about the responsible and equitable regulation of this once-controversial substance. Today, 24 states and the District of Columbia have legalized adult-use cannabis, creating unprecedented opportunities for bankers across the country to establish new customer relationships and develop new lines of business.

Designed for bankers already serving this industry, as well as those who are simply “canna-curious," this webinar explores the prospects for federal cannabis reform in the 2024 election year and offer valuable insights for banking this evolving industry and gaining a competitive advantage. 

  • Understand how the changing political and business landscape impacts cannabis businesses so bankers can gain a competitive advantage as the market continues to evolve.

  • Learn how the economics of cannabis banking can create long term financial growth for their financial institution – from low-cost deposits to earning assets.

  • Gain insights about what cannabis operators are seeking from their financial institution partners.

  • Understand how technology can be deployed to reduce risk and improve compliance outcomes and the overall customer experience.

The Shield Compliance Cannabis Lending Guide

The Shield Compliance Cannabis Lending Guide helps bankers navigate the compliance, reputational, and credit risks associated with cannabis operators and cannabis-related collateral to unlock the rewards of this industry. Download Now 


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